Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sounds like a stalker to me

Every time I hear this song I think of my exwife. After we separated, she would park near my house and observe. She scared a couple of my neighbors.
After the divorce was final, I thought she would move on. Didn't happen. When I started dating again, she then stalked the woman I was seeing. It frightened her, but the drug dealers in my new flame's neighborhood were even more bothered. One morning about 4A.M. she was parked down the block. A friend of mine lived in the area, and he went to put his dog out and spooked a couple of tweekers who were about to do some serious shit. They knew she wasn't a cop, so in their minds that meant she was fixing to roll them.
Surprisingly the gal I was seeing married me in spite of that. I was stupid, it was a rebound for me, and a life boat for her.
The stalking didn't stop there though, it continued for over six more years.
My youngest graduated in December of 08, but didn't turn 18 until February. A week before his birthday he paid me a visit, and we were sitting and watching TV when his phone rang. He looked at it then muted the ringer, muttering "I don't want to talk to her."
I asked who, he said Mom. I told him he really should take the call. She called back in a few minutes, and he answered. he told her he was at work, and would be off at 1 A.M.
When he got off the phone, I told him he shouldn't lie to her. He had his opinion on that. He left just before 1.
My phone rang at 4:15. It was my son. and he was mad! Turns out that when she called him, she was parked right out front of my place and was looking straight at his truck. Oops big time. She was making all kinds of threats. but with his birthday only a week off, there wasn't much she could really do. He moved out the morning of his birthday. By the time she got home from work, his room was empty.
Some where in there I put up a game cam. I had several pics of her vehicles on the road. Talked to the cops a couple of times. They said it was a public road and nothing they could do. Its also a dead end road. People going by aren't traveling from town to town.
As for this song, ironic that it is done by a group called The Police. I guess big brother is watching us too.

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