Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Whose the Veep?

At this point in the campaign, Trump knows who he will pick for the Vice slot. That person has been contacted, vetted, and sworn to silence.
I personally have no clue. Just throwing one out, how about Clint Eastwood? Can you just picture him calling the Senate to order with "Go ahead punks, make my day."
Who ever that pick will be will imho not be a Washington insider. He will chose some one that can motivate people and make things happen. Some one who can lead at the board table, and make decisions and stand by them, but also some one who is a true patriot, not beholden to others who broker power.

I've done a fair amount of research on Cruz. He isn't viable, and the more I look, the less I like. He is part of the uniparty even though he tries to look like an outsider.
Too bad. Right now he is polling second, only three laps down from the leader, but light years ahead of the PAC.

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