Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What's the real story with Cruz?

Ted was my first pick as the campaign kicked off. Now I am having second thoughts. We all know he was born in Canada. We all know his father was a Cuban exile. Now information is surfacing that his mother renounced her citizenship and became a Canadian before Ted was born. If that is the case, where are his naturalization papers? Is he even qualified to be a senator?

We the People have a  right to know.

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Sub sunk said...

Just because Mom renounced her citizenship (if that is even true), doesn't change the fact he was born an American, by law.

If you fall for this one, then how can you accept a child raised as a Muslim in Indonesia for a large part of his life as the current President, and what are you prepared to do to oppose or correct that?

Does Cruz sound like he is anti-American to you? Compare and contrast and then explain how you can not be under arms for one, but willing to oppose the other.