Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Go Sarah!

Yesterday's endorsement by Sarah Palin is being hailed by some as a coronation, and by others as a death knell. Palin is polarizing, and yes, I like the lady. She is antiestablishment to the core. She had the oportunity to salvage McInsane's campaign, but the powers in Washouttown had no intent of allowing The North Vietnamese ace into power. That coupled with fear of what Sarah brought to the table is why they allowed his campaign to be torpedoed by its inner staff. If the power brokers had wanted it any other way, they'd have done it.
This election cycle the power brokers are in trouble. The 2010 and 2014 elections should have been a clue for them, the American people are fed up with the garbage. Had Trump not taken the stage, People would be falling for the preplanned trappings that were successful in 2008 and 2012. Cruz, the antiestablishment candidate is owned by the establishment. Carson, while an honest man and capable, isn't igniting the fire. The GOPe road map would have worked again. It still may. we have no clue what hi-jinx will happen between now and election day. Diebold machines are being rigged as we speak. What will be Palin's roll in this election? Another VP shot? She would be a great one, but given her polarizing effect, he most likely has another purpose for her.
In any case, it is good to see her standing up at this point. Here is hoping that Rancid Prepus's head explodes, and may the blast take out ObamAA-'s Bitch McConnell.

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