Friday, September 6, 2013

A little morning humor

The doctor is making his rounds and goes into the first room and sees a patient teeing up and swinging an imaginary golf club. The doctor asks him 'what are you doing?' the guy says I'm practicing my swing, I'm gonna be a golfer when I get out. The doctor writes it down, and goes to the next room where he sees a patient swinging an imaginary baseball bat,he asks what are you doing? The guy says he is gonna be a professional baseball player when he gets out. The doctor writes it down and goes out in the hall where he sees a patient crawling on his belly with his pants to his ankles. Upon further examination, he sees that the man is pushing a peanut down the hallway with his penis. The doctor asks about it and the patient replies.."Im never getting out of this place."
why not asks the doctor?
Because I'm fucking nuts

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