Monday, September 16, 2013

Cruel and inhumane

That is the best description of the pending execution of Iwao Hakamada. Most of you by now know that I am very much pro death penalty, so why am I calling the execution of a 77 year old murderer cruel and inhumane?

To begin with, the crimes happened in 1966. Iwao is now 77. Is that a reason to be upset? To me, no, it is not. This load of excrement ran out his appeals in 1980. Its sad that the victims family had to wait 14 years for appeals to run out, but to make them wait an additional 33 years is a waste of resources by Japan. They should have hanged him in 1981 at the latest.

I saw the note about this slime ball in an article on Japans most recent execution. Japan has resumed disposing properly of scum under the leadership of Shinzo Abe and have executed six since December of last year. Move over Texas, you have competition. Truly civilized societies execute they aberant members. When punishment ceases, decline begins. Just look at Chicago where the death penalty is no more, or California where a convict is more likely to die of old age then gas.
Excutions should be swift. Tokuhisa Kumagai received justice after nine years. Eight longer then it should have taken.


Gregory said...

Once again, I am 100% with you on this "execution" topic. The cry-babies and protesters piss me off.

JeremyR said...

Same here. There are rare cases of injustice. Deb Milke, featured at Crime guns and video tape is one such exception. Start the appeals process with a lie detector exam. Use sodium pentathol. Works on spies, why not on scum?