Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Some Frenchmen have balls

Stephan Turk shot a robber. The Jeweler had been robbed, and as the criminal was departing, Stephan  shot him dead. Justice was served.
Alexandra Asli isn't happy. She is the sister of the deceased scumbag. I guess the family bread winner stealer is gone. Well alexandra, if your parents had done a better job of rearing you and your brother, he might be alive today.
I have no problem when a fleeing felon is dropped in his tracks. All I ask is that either the police, or whom ever be able to prove it was the bad guy, and not a mistake. I would hold the police to a much higher standard simply because they are less likely to actually witness the crime and know for certain they are shooting the right bastard. In this case, the right bastard has received justice.
And Alexandra, how can you call a patriot a traitor? It was your brother seeking to bring anarchy with his thefts. he had fourteen times to get his act straight.
The government of France however will have none of this. Frenchmen with spines will not be tollerated. jelly fish only. They are prosecuting Stephan Turk.

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Gregory said...

"frenchmen with spines will not be tolerated" How true, how true. Unless they are muslim frenchmen.