Thursday, September 26, 2013

How retarded are they?

The effects of cocain, meth, and other addictions leave scars that mark their victims often for life. They are mild compared to what has just hit the market. Meet Krokodil. Its a new drug fresh out of Russia, and it eats flesh. This mixture of codine and a cutter causes the users flesh to turn greenish and scaley, and eventually to rot off.
In a lot of ways, I support the end to the war on drugs. I would not allow drug use to be considered as a mitigating factor in any conviction and let addicts pay for their crimes comitted to get more drugs. if we had a three strikes you hang requirement, we could ignore the drug addicts. Pot users would be immaterial, and the heavy users would soon be dead.
Krokodil though makes me wonder. Would the smart thing be to allow it, knowing hta abusers will soon flood hospitals? should we ban them from receiving treatment? A million dead junkies would vastly improve places like Chicago and LA. On the other hand , the pushers would managed to get to a few kids who might not otherwise seek out this shit.
In my opinion, the federal government should only have the right to control importation. user issues should be left to the states. unfortunately, obozo's care will have us paying for this disaster.
Maybe Obambi can switch from coke to krok. Its our nations only hope.


Spartacus said...

Darwin will take care of that.

Gregory said...

I just don't know what to say....except that I am glad that I smoked marijuana for the last time in about 1970 something and have never looked back. Thank GOD for giving me brains.

JeremyR said...

Darwin indeed, and the folks who believe in evilution will do everything in our nations power to stop it from happening. Evolution that is.