Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Good mooslime husband there

Most men who claim to be Christians fail at being fathers and husbands. Our society has neutered our role in the home, and the media mocks us as well with the sitcom BS they put on every day. All Jesus told us to do was Love our wives. He told them to be obedient, but he never told us to make them obey. We are only asked to love them unconditionally, nothing more, just love some one who might want to kill you one minute, and kiss you the next. So much for the failings of Christians, lets take a look at how well goat rapists treat their women, shall we?

Eight is just a tad young in most any ones book to be having sex. Sure, I know we have girls here who start showing signs of maturing at that early age, its rare as heck though, and they still should not be engaging in sex. Twelve year olds tend to be a bit crazy some times, and we from time to time hear of a guy getting his nuts in a wringer for taking a sample. Personally, I'd rather see my teen age daughter with a guy who has a job, and can support her and any kids vs having her inseminated by another child who has no skills, no income, and no chance at getting out of poverty. My best preference though would be for them to control their urges and not be welfare mommas.

Having dealt with two teen age terrors, I can understand fathers wanting to marry their daughters off at an early age.

Eight is too young. This is not an anomaly among the goat boinkers. islam is a perverted sex cult where they preach that men who die in jihad will get 72 virgins and 28 supple young boys. Yes, 28 victims of pedophilia are the reward for jihadists. The specific Hadith in which the number of virgins is specified is Hadith Al-Tirmidhi in the Book of Sunah (volume IV, chapters on The Features of Paradise as described by the Messenger of Allah, chapter 21, About the Smallest Reward for the People of Paradise. This sick cult glorifies sex with children, both boys and girls. I guess that is why Michael Jackass went there after his court case.

Of course, the way I read this; The sensual pleasures are graphically elaborated by Al-Suyuti (died 1505 AD), Quranic commentator and polymath. He wrote: "Each time we sleep with a houri we find her virgin. Besides, the penis of the Elected never softens. The erection is eternal; All I can visualize is the worst possible case of blue balls. (What they are really gonna get is much worse.)

Yes, good old islame. They marry children because they have small peckers. That's the only real reason I can think of, and some times even those babies are unable to handle a microscopic member. How often does this happen in dar al islam? Do our leftards really want that happening here? Neither a guy who has sex with a child, nor a father who allows it deserves to live. As far as the teen age nymphos, instead of the courts, lets let daddy deal with the guy who crawls into bed with em before they are eighteen. I’d make the guy marry her for life, and if the issue of divorce ever came up, well, you can get a divorce when you’re dead, can you? Yes, the guy who got my daughter is still in hiding...

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