Monday, September 30, 2013

A nice hoax

Sattire can be funny. It usually is, and efforts to make it believable add to the hoax. Yesterday i was informed that Obungler had declared November to be Mooslime appreciation month. Sonuds reasonable, considering how often he kisses mooslime and American hating ass, we would expect no better of him.
So which was worse, all the conservatives and patriots who were angry, or the liberal America hating whores who were doing back flips because they thought it was true. I understand that when Vallerie Jarett heard, she was mad because it wasn't her idea. Obambi was clueless.

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Gregory said...

He is a total dumbass about mooslimes but more and more Americans are wising up to those wastes og human flesh.....Muslim appreciation month....Pfffaaawww. How about Stalin and Khruschev appreciating month in November?