Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kansas doshbag

Kansas has its fair share of idiots. Sad to say, some of them are college professors and one is at KU. David Guth is a journolist professor in Lawrence. Some how this misguided excrement thinks the NRA is responsible for a deranged blackman gunning down 12 victims in a gun free zone in a gun free city. He is too stuck on stupid to understand that if the peopel in the Navy Yard had been allowed to keep and bear arms in accordance with the constitution, that thee would have been a lot fewer victims.
When you look at Guth though you can understand what is wrong in America. He teaches future journolisters, the scum that pass for reporters of truth and logic, the reason people no longer dare trust the lame stream media. Guth would fit in well at the Communist News Network, and I don't mean Pravda. They have better standards. Them that can, do. Them that can't teach... In Lawrence.

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