Sunday, September 1, 2013

There's a lesson in there

Lakisha Briggs is afraid to call 9-1-1. The town in which she resides has a three strikes rule for 9-1-1 calls. Norristown put the law into place to curb violent neighborhoods. Lakisha's liar err lawyer says its to cut the police budget. The law allows only three calls in four months.

I don't know how their law is written, but I agree with the principle. Lakisha let an abusive boyfiend move back in with her rather then call the cops. In instances like that, the city should give her a break, and from the sound of the article, she got plenty of them. Police were called twenty times in the first five months of 2012. Sounds like she got a ton of breaks. She should not have given him a third chance. Hell, she shouldn't have given him a second chance let alone twenty of them.

Judging from the names, I'm being racist here, they are black. This is too typical of the black community in America today. Its not a skin color issue, its one of social norms which have broken down. Its a problem of fatherless homes, welfare, and a culture that allows it.

The law should target problem individuals, not necessarily the caller. If it were her neighbor calling to report her problem because of noise, or evidence of an assault, I would not want the neighbor who called punished. In this case, her boy fiend should have been barred from the residence, and the neighborhood. If she was making nuisance calls, that would be another story. She was making bad decisions though, maybe targeting her is the right thing to do. If I had a neighbor like her, and incidentally, I do, I would want that person targeted, and if the landlord is not proactive, go after them as well. It only takes one or two people to blight a neighborhood.

Lakisha is making some bad decisions. She is lucky she was not killed by her boy fiend scum bag. Women need to take notes. Quit spreading your legs for trash men. If you can't find a quality guy, go with out. Use your finger, use a vibrator, but leave the trash on the curb. If the guy does not have a job, don't let him free load. Over half of the children in America today live in a home with only one parent. That's a disaster! Some of those kids have a father in their life. He may only get every other weekend, but good dads do what they can. In some cases, living with a bitch is not an option so they must settle for the alternative.

I think our courts are screwed up. The father has the job, and the mother gets custody. I’ve seen quite a few kids though who were raised by a single dad. They turn out better in my opinion then kids raised by a mother only. Single dads are less likely to have revolving doors on their bedrooms. I know that from personal observation.

Since women are more likely to end up as welfare moms, give the kids, in cases where support payments are going to be handed out, to the father. NO MORE WELFARE MOMS! If mommy does not know who the father is, take the kid and put it into a foster home, or preferably into an adoptive one.

I know there are exceptions. There are plenty of moms who are forced to be single mothers. Require them to hold a job.

As for Lakisha, we will see if she has learned anything. Her fiend is in prison now. She let him back last time, I’m betting when he gets paroled, he will be right back in her bed beating her. This is one of those cases where they should castrate second time offenders. Horse whip em after the first felony. But Jeremy, you can’t use violence to teach people that violence is wrong. BULLSHIT. If this thug were disciplined, and knew full well that his testicles would be fed to the dogs if he ever did it again, he would lift not so much as a finger unless he was on drugs. Third strike, a noose. If they can’t be trained, they can serve as a bad example. Then there would be no fourth call.

Something in the article though confuses me. It mentions Briggs at first and says she is a 34 year old nursing assistant. It also says she has a three year old daughter. Later though it says most of the calls were about her 21 year old daughter and the boy friend. So, do we have a 34 YO woman with a 21 YO daughter and a 3 year old, or do we have a 34 YO with a 21 YO and a three YO grand daughter? 13 when she had the kid, or did American Pravda screw up?

I’m prolife, but people like that make me question my values.

And yes, the problem neighbor to my house in town is black.

There is a lesso nin there for Lakisha, bad decisions have a way of ruining your life. Quit repeating them.


Gregory said...

I have been saying 'no more welfare moms' for a long time now. But they have the system too sewed up to ever get it changed. America is lost. I am glad that I am old.

JeremyR said...

Greg, you're not out of the woods until you're dead. We have a rough ride ahead of us, but we have GOD with us. Hang on, this will make the worst roller coaster look like a gentle giant.