Monday, September 16, 2013

If Obambi had a son...

Right now we know that the Naval Yard shooter was black. Supposedly he was a budist. I guess I have to retract my rant about militant budists and 9-11 now. I won't though.
My suspicion earlir was that he would turn out to be a closet mooslime, and it very well might be. Thailand certainly has problems with the scumbags.
As for the earliest reports that it was rednecks gone wild, well, he aint really from Texas. He is a byproduct of Queens New York. Just another of Bloomin idiot's idiots.
So we have a black man, from a liberal shit hole, with violent tendencies, who claims to adhere to an eastern religion. If he aint an obungler voter, the entire election was fake.
My prayers go out to the victims of this madman. Lets hope for a speedy recovery for the wounded, and Christ's Peace for those who lost loved ones.

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