Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It looks like a rat did something with that book.

Yes, but lets not talk about it author like that, MooHAMhead deserves much less respect.
If any rag head pedophiles see this, feel free to go fuck yourself. You can take your third century stack of lies, your pedophilia, your beastiality, and what little is left of this koran, and go to hell.
The ammo drought of 2013 is not over, but I kept rounds just for today. 333 22 rounds plus 20 .410 shotgun shells equals one less stack of lies from the religion of piss.


Last year we comemorated 9-11 with what is now the traditional shoot a koran. When I went to post it on line, everythig was abuzz about Benghazi and how it was caused by the Moohammad film in California hich we now know to be a lie. It gave me pause though. I will never hesitate to offend a mooslime bastard, but if something I did were to endanger our soldiers, that is another story. Since we now know that to have been a pile of BS from BO, here are the results of this years event.

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Bushwack said...

That's another bullshit argument from idiots: If you offend mooselimbs you endanger our soldiers over sea's... As if burning or shooting a koran is going to make them want to kill infidels more than they do now? I'm of the opinion an angered fighter is a stupid fighter. The cooler head keeps training in front and doesn't make mistakes. Piss em off they run into the S.A.W. easy.