Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A modern day Kinsey

A total fake, a complete fraud, yet her lies are on the lips of many prominent people including cocksucker of State John Forgery kerry, and John McInsane.
How long will the lies of Elizabeth O'Bagy continue to float around? Kinseys have continued, and been compounded for almost sixty years. Thats six decades of misdirection. Prominent mental hell experts have compounded his lies and it has endanered the family unit. Parent can't discipline kids with out fear of retribution by misguided government. And so too, the lies of O'Bagy are woven into the fabrications of President shorty pants and is pack of bumbling idiots.
Lucky for us, maybe, that the BS got aired out this fast.
On the up side, Obambi is now Putins bitch as well as The Saudi's bitch, Chavex's bitch...... Move his speaches to Comedy Central where they belong.

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