Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Thanks Bradey and MAIG

Yesterday another gun free zone was turned into a crime scene. A dozen more military and civilian contractors were slaughtered because some dumbasses like Bloomin idiot, and deer reader are so against our constitutional rights. Alexis was able to killed and disarm at least one and possible two security guards as he started his killing spree. If people in the confines of the Navy Yard had been armed, it would have been limited, You can bet he would not have done it if he had faced return fire. Cowards like that always pick gun free zones.

Rearm Washington. Even liberals deserve a fighting chance. I say that with clear conscience knowing that the average libtard would rather be dead then armed. Alexis would have granted them that wish.

Sarah Bradey, you have no conscience. The blood of these inocents is on your hands as much as it is on Obozo's.

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Toejam said...

The Libtards in the media (aka Piers Morgan the Limey asshole) are beating the drums and yelling AR-15.

Folks in the know are saying the "long-gun" was/is a pump action shotgun.