Saturday, January 11, 2014

An Honor indeed

After more then a decade of haunting his blog, I finally had the opportunity to meet Denny. He is bound for Aspen, and a few days of cruising the slopes. I wish him the best of times. We had tried to get together on several occasions. Twice I was through Atlanta. Several times he has been through Kansas.
We had dinner at Ramblers. They are a local eatery, and one of the best steak houses in Kansas. The Kansas weather put a damper on his trip. We were supposed to get freezing rain. Lucky for us, it was mostly drizzle and stayed above freezing until late. The weatherman was wrong. This time it was better than he predicted. Today should be better driving, and Denver is only a seven hour trip.
Denny noted how the interstate has been buzzing with cops. I have made a lot of trips to Kansas City this past year and they have been thick. I see a lot of people pulled over where they are ramsacking the vehicle in search of drugs. I don't see many sales on Purplewave though. You would think if they were having much success, they would have a lot more vehicles to auction. If that's all the better they are doing, they need to give them tweezers and a magnifying glass, and let them download porn in their patrol cars. That or they can pick up trash, and I don't mean the redneck kind either.


Gregory said...

Damn gov't using those cops as tax collectors with guns on their hips. I have grown a real dislike for cops.
Every show I see them on they are throwing every interviewee into handcuffs. If you ask them WTH, they pepper spray you or electrocute you with their tazers.....

JeremyR said...

Not always, some times they decide to get a workout, and beat the guy to a pulp instead.