Thursday, January 23, 2014

In Kansas contracts mean nothing.

Shawnee District turd Mary Mattivi has ruled that contracts are meaningless in Kansas. William Marotta entered into a contract with two lesbians to provide sperm so they could have a child. Jennifer Schreiner gave birth, but when she and her carpet muncher, Angela Bauer, split, she was unable to support the child, and filed for state aid. Special interests demand special treatment, and doctors are as bad as liars err lawyers. They pushed and got language into a 1994 Kansas bill that requires they be part of the insemination process. farmers don't need a vet to inseminate their cows, but some how these over edjumacated idjutes think they need to be involved in the human process.
Moron Mattivi was wrong to uphold this jackwad law. she should have either told the KDCF to go to hell, or awarded custody to William and his wife. If I remember correctly, he is married. No child deserves to be raised in a bad home, and being raised by a lesbian who cannot support her child is a bad home. Lets hope that Marotta has the means to fight this to a court with common sense, and lets pray that such a court still exists in America. Obamunism and its destructive influence are destroying our courts as we speak.
Kansans get to vote on Judges every few years. To date, no Kansas judge has been tossed, showing that this system is flawed. Maybe Mattivi can get her termination papers from the citizens of Topeka.

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Spartacus said...

I seem to remember an identical case somewhere else a few years ago. The take away from that case should have been that if you wanted to help by being a donor then do not give your real name and address. No good deed goes unpunished..... and if anyone asks, my name is Jeremy R.