Saturday, January 18, 2014

In that case, I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body

What is wrong with folks in California? What kind of idiots elect people who would pass a law allowing people in public school to decide their gender based on feelings? The fools rules allowing this took effect 1 January.
At some point this spring, Hispanics will outnumber whites in California for the first time since 1849. That is because sane white folks are packing their bags and getting out, and a lot of the half crazy obamunists are close on their heels. Soon all that will be left are fruits, nuts, and Mexicans to pick em.
Maybe its a good thing that have insanely restrictive gun laws, people who would elect the likes of Moonbeam Brown, and Gavin Nuisance should not be allowed anything above a nerf gun, or a water pistol. Yes, ban super soakers. Voters in Nevada need to approve a fence along the entire west side with check points and mine fields at every possible entry point. Then again, Nevada did send Dingy Harry back to Washington, Maybe its Utah that needs to build the fence.
Yes, this is a dream come true for every horny boy in America, a nightmare for fathers who love their daughters, and a disaster of epic proportions waiting to drop its fruit in fifteen to twenty years as our nation self destructs.
As a kid I hated All in the Family. Know what? in their efforts to show a bigoted racist hating man, they created a character who is now being proven right in so many ways. No, I'm not saying racism is right. The racist policies that have trapped blacks into the welfare state are products of liberalism, not redneck conservatism. I will never hate some one because of their race. Religion? Screw mooslimes and their book of satanic verses, and their jihad against Christians and Jews. religion is a choice. So are perversions like homosexuality, beastiality, and pedophilia.
Given the insanity prevalent in today's society, for now, I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body. Pray I never meet a dyke with a knife who wants to help me out.

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