Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Save the PAT

Roger Goodell is talking about eliminating the PAT. No, it's not  an issue of player safety, rather he is concerned that the game isn't exciting enough.What the heck? Sure, there were only five blocked attempts this past year, but it is an inspiration for teams to try. The blocks happen more in college, and as goes the pro's, so go college sports. Somewhat.
If you want to make it exciting, do this;  If a team has the lead, change their position for the PAT. For the first PAT while in the lead, make the kick from the ten yard line. Second kick while leading, from the fifteen, and so on. If the lead is changing, it would progressively get more difficult for both teams, and might just be enough to prevent a tie in regulation. Also, eliminate time out calls during the PAT. You wanna ice the kicker, dump gatoraide on him.
Another option would be to tie the position for the PAT to where the scoring play originated from. if the play started at the 20 or beyond, have the PAT from the 3. If it started inside the three, make the kick from the 20. Make the ten yard line neutral, score from the ten, kick from the ten.
But lets face it, we need that space between a score and the kickoff. Even Seahags fans need a few minute to catch their breath.

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