Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How would you execute them?

Death penalty states are experiencing a crunch. Manufacturers of fine pharmaceuticals are refusing to sell to states for gene pool improvements. Compounders have come under fire for making the stuff to fill that gap, and now Bruce Burns, a Wyoming lawmaker has proposed making the method of execution death by firing squad. Lawsuits coming in 3-2-1....
Oklahoma got one of their five star citizens to room temperature in spite of possible problems with the execution process. Michael Lee Wilson stated his whole body was burning moments after the drugs began to flow. Might have been hell fire he was feeling, we will never know. His comment will inspire greedy liars err lawyers to start another round of lawsuits about lethal injection.
So, if you were a lawmaker, what would you do?
The first step lawmakers should take is to ban sales of drugs from companies who refuse to sell for execution purposes. Not just the pentobarbitol, but every product they compound. even if its aspirin.
The next step should be to assign a step process for the execution. Lethal injection of drugs should only be used if the condemned agrees to immediate termination, as with in 48 hours of sentencing. After that, hanging for the first three months, Firing squad from three to six, electrocution from six to one year, and if he has managed to not be executed by then, put him in a cage with a hungry tiger.
No more assholes like Askari Abdullah Muhammad, AKA Thomas Knight who not only managed to avoid execution for 40 years, but killed a prison guard during his appeal process. If he had received his just reward in a timely manner, Richard Burke might still be alive.
Take the next liar err lawyer who bitches about the method of execution, and lock him and his client in a buried box. Have the condemned strapped or chained to a table. give the whambulance chaser a knife, a gun, a garote, and a club, then let him decide how his client will exit earth. Give him 24 hours to decide, and if he can't take care of business, detonate  pound of explosives in the confined space. Then fill it with cement.
How would you improve society? I want to know.

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