Sunday, January 19, 2014

Food for fuel

America has long been the breadbasket of the world. Just down the road, there used to be a sign that read, One Kansas farmer feeds 104 people + you. (The rest feed coach Mangino.) Thanks to superior equipment, techniques, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and good old American attitude, we have led the way for over 150 years. That may be changing.
Researchers at UNL, the university of no learning, say we have reached peak grain. They have been looking at this for twenty years. it may be another Michael Mann made scandal, or they might be right.  I'm not a global warming denier, I know that in Revelation, it is promised. That day will come. Not because of CO2, but because of disobedience to GOD.
We use a lot of chemicals, and run off from that has created a dead zone at the mouth of the Mississippi river.  Additionally, that river delta used to be top soil. Good top soil. Its gone forever. We have taken a lot of land out of production thanks to the CRP program. That land is recoverable. What is not recoverable is the land converted to housing. People want to get out of the city, and there is nothing as attractive as moving onto a tract in what once was a field. Even if you are packed in just as tight as you were in town. In WW2, people had victory gardens. People today are too busy. blanching veggies has become nearly a lost art.
In the whole scheme of things, its not much land, but my point is that every acre will count. There are indications that we have over fished parts of the Atlantic, and the regions off Alaska. Much of our grain has been modified, and there are indications that GMOs are not as healthy as we were led to believe. Our food supply is delicate. We could be in serious trouble, and not have a clue, and we have libtards who want to convert even more of our food supply into ethanol.
I hope this is BS, but I am mindful of what the Bible says in Revelation and in Daniel. Jesus himself said there would be famine, and we are certainly headed that direction. We may be years away from a measure of wheat for a denarius, maybe even decades, or it could be this spring. GOD knows, I have not a clue. Be mindful of what peak grain means. A denarius is a days wages, and a measure is not a bushel, only enough to feed you for a day. Be assured, that day will come.

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