Monday, January 13, 2014

Obama should join the Olympic Team

Well, the USA is queering up for another Olympics. Obozo would be a great addition. What you say? There is no teleprompter reading competition! True, but I was thinking the skate team.
Could you find a sport better suited to him? Yes, he plays a lot of golf, but......
He has been skating as pResident. The press gives him a pass on everything. It would be racist to point out that the afirmative action president has no cloths.
Maybe the hockey team? He isn't a team player, but at the rate he is spending, he will have the entire nation in hock to the Chinese by 2016.
A figure skater? He seems to spend a lot of time jumping around, and spinning in circles. AND, he is likely the only one in the family who would look good in a skirt. Comparatively speaking. But alas, he can't figure anything out without his trusty TOTUS.
A speed skater? Naw, his drug of choice is Coke.
Howza bout dance? He does seem to be adept at dancing around the issues. Then again, it has more to do with his press agents at the alphabet slop networks.
He isn't qualified for the men's team, to be on it, you gotta have a pair.

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