Friday, January 17, 2014

Texas town violates free speach rights

A man in Frisco Texas was cited for a sign violation when he warned motorists on the Eldorado Parkway about a police speed trap. Bad cops don't like it when you cut into their revenue enhancement patrols, and thug cop Thomas Mrozinski arrested Ron Martin for breaking a city sign ordinance.
Some one should take the worthless asshole to a tattoo parlor, and have "BAD COP no donut tattooed onto his forehead and cheeks. A guy with a sign will have as much deterrent effect as a cop writing tickets, in fact more so. The cops tend to hide, and as soon as there is on speeder, they are done deterring. people will speed by a stopped cop without a thought, he's too busy to chase me!
So what we have in Frisco is a kidnapping, extortion, theft by deception, and it was aided and abetted by the chief, the loco persecutor, and a judge.

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