Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Dennis Rodent err Rodman and his merry band of fools are set to play an exibition game for lil Kimmy. They are a tad uneasy. I can't say as I blame them, its not like Kim Jong unpredictable wouldn't slaughter family, so what are a few washed out American athletes?
These guys just need to remember that anything they do which upsets the psycho will land them in hot water. Just remember, anything that makes Kim unhappy is a penalty. That includes scoring points, keeping the ball longer then ten seconds, making his team look like a bunch of fifth graders. Short fifth graders that is.
Rodman is an idiot. Why he is sucking up to the Norks is beyond me. Maybe he owes a favor to the Chicago machine, and Oblowme wants an inroad with the commies. After all, he has not succeeded in destroying the American economy completely.
One part of me hopes they make it home alive, the other wants them to spend twenty years in Kim's prison camps. I guess if they are home from the camps in twenty years, I get both.

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