Friday, January 17, 2014

How Grand

A strip club in Florida has been shut down fr having a thirteen year old stripper. You read that right, thirteen. The girl was a runaway, and possibly a victim of human trafficking. The owner of the club is facing serious prison time in addition to losing his business license which is already suspended. He was on vacation when it happened, and claims there is no evidence the girl actually stripped there as an employee. Supposedly she had a fake ID.
Three men were sheltering her and possibly holding her against her will. They should be castrated. Clearly, they knew. As for the club owner, He is a sleaze ball. This country has plenty of them. He was gone, his manager was gone. It was the New Years weekend. whom ever let her on stage did not keep correct records, and video from the club will show whether she was there, and much of what happened.
Some places require a stripper to obtain an entertainers license. They are entered into a database, and thier age and background are checked by the authorities.
It seems like an intrusion, but it would prevent things like this. The girl was a runaway. Strike against her. She appeared to be eighteen. She had a fake ID. Strike against her. Three men offered her a place to stay. When she went there, she was with two other girls who did not look to be adults. At some point, those men figured out she was under age. If she was detained, and we may never know, they are indeed guilty as hell. If they did not detain her, they still knew she was under age.
It used to be that strippers were the lowest of women, druggies, prostitutes, foul mouthed sluts. Now they are educated, and can make more then a liar err lawyer. Know what? They are still pretty dang low. This girl is on a fast track to a living hell. Her parents need to get help, and get her help. Then again, it may be her home was as bad as what she encountered on the road. We may never know.

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