Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Can we trust him?

Yes, I'm soured on politicians. To a man, the present crop in Washington has told us one thing on the campaign trail, then done the exact opposite once they got elected. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of politicians, I'm sick of the lies, and I'm sick of the garbage.
So far, Donald Trump has been on message, and on point with a large majority of the public at large, the Vulgarians as some call us. We are fed up with the out of control spending, he says he is fed up with out of control spending. We are fed up with illegal aliens and the associated crime, He says he is fed up with it as well. We are frustrated with the influx of potential terrorists coming from Satanic worshiper societies, and he says we need to put a temporary halt to immigration from the mooslime countries.
Is he one of us, or are we being played by yet another master politician?
As it stands right now, I will be supporting Trump in the primary, and hopefully the general election. I will not trust another democrat communist ever. I feel the same about politicians who falsely claim to be conservatives. I would just as soon see our nation go back to appointing senators the way it was originally laid out in the Constitution. Our founding fathers intent was for the less lower house to represent states issues in Washington, and for the lower chamber to represent the People. There were a few mistakes made, but people only needed to vet their choices for Governor to keep their representation in Washington on message. That, and elect representative who represented the People instead of special interest groups who had never set foot in their state.
Back to Trump, he is the only one running who is not a career welfare liar err lawyer. I don't see where he has even held a dog catcher position, let alone been elected by popular vote. To me that means he does not have a track record of lying to people.
The politicians speak out both sides of their mouths. Ask them a question, you will never get a straight answer. Ask Trump, and he will be blunt! He may hurt feeeelings, he may rub folks the wrong way, but at the end of the day he has conveyed what he wanted to tell us.
I'm jaded though. Fifty years of being lied to will do that to a guy. The last time we had a guy in national office who said what he meant and meant what he said was Reagan, and the press crucified him for it, his own aids, political handlers selected by the GOP, tried to twist the message.  Prior to that, You probably have to go back to Washington. George Washington, not the filth on the Potomac.
We need a few honest men to get involved. One in every congressional district, One in each state that has a Senate seat up for vote. We need to kick 468 members of congress to the curb and into the gutter where they would be most at home. They can take a bunch of unjust judges with them including about seven from the Supreme Court.
If you cannot send an honest man to Washington, send one who is so vile and contemptuous that not even the lowest of lobbyists would dare speak to him. That way, no one will own him.

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