Wednesday, December 9, 2015

How and Why

What do we do to vet people from Terrorist countries? ie, mooslime nations?
There is no good way to vet them. If some one is bent on attacking us, they will lie, forge an identity, or sneak in.
What we need to decide is how we will respond to an attack by jihadists.
Maybe we could start by bombing what ever country a terrorist attacker comes from, the country where they trained, and any country that provided material assistance to them.
If, for instance, the money flowed through the first bank of carjackistan, we surgically remove that bank from the face of the planet along with the home of its president. You can bet that the next bank will think long and hard about laundering funds to any one who might be a terrorist.
By the time the last echo of the last bullet fades, our intel folks know the who what and where. Maybe not the why. If Barry Soetoro wanted to stop Sharia, he could.
The fact of the matter is he does not, and his handlers do not want to stop terrorism or the drug trade. The why is found in the Bible. Control. Control of money, control of wealth means control of people, and liberals are not into live and let live.
In Revelation it tells about the mark of the beast. We are told that with out the mark we will not be able to buy or sell. Currency will have progressed from paper currency past credit and debit cards to an embedded chip.
To sell that loss of freedom, they will use fear to market it. "We must stop the flow of money to the drug cartels" or ISIS, or what ever cause they find that sparks fear. To do that they will propose switching from a cash society to a cashless one. Speaking of which, those bills in your pocket are NOT cash, they are IOUs from the federal reserve bank.
Several factor are in play to pitch that idea. The cost of coining money, printing the notes, and distribution. Counterfeiting is another as well as the fear mongering about funding terror and drug cartels. Convenience is another factor. Its easy to carry one stupid card vs a stack of bills an inch thick.
But wait! there's more! Cards can be lost, stolen, forged, and you can still be put through hell in a far away place like Paris, all because some guy accessed your data at the wrong moment.
That may be part of the pitch for the mark. On the hand or on the forehead. It won't be a tattoo as was the case a hundred years ago when they were demonized. no, it will be a computer chip. It will hold your life on it. Your medical records, your financial records, your driving records, and people will be all too happy to let it happen all because two jihadists in crazy California shot fourteen people. (There will be more attacks.)
The muzzies think they are doing it for a-lie. In truth, they are doing it because the power brokers want it to happen. Don't believe me? That's fine. Believe in Jesus and the GOD who created us all. I'm not a prophet. Heck, I didn't make a profit this year. I'm taking a best guess based on what I see and what I know. The only truth that is sure is contained in GOD's word.

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