Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Something to consider

Since the attacks in Paris, France has searched and closed at least three mosques and confiscated hundreds of weapons that were stashed in them. Why do we think they are any different here? We know they did the exactly same thing in Iraq when we were draining the cess pool there.

Should believers of the satanic verses be afforded religious rights here, or should we treat them like a cult? Members of a religion are free to leave if they decide to. Cults imprison and some times kill those who attempt to depart. mooslimes kill apostates.

The United States has banned certain groups as cults over practices of child marriage and polygamy. The Moron Church was forced to renounce polygamy in order for Utah to gain statehood. The FLDS are hunted , and their leader is serving life in prison.

Certain shit holes like Saudi A rapia ban Christianity. They are also short on human rights especially for women. While the United States' treatment of Christianity is headed in the same direction, it is still legal to own a Bible here.

We are under attack from the 57 nations that are defacto state sponsors of terrorism. I for one am all for closing the mosques, deporting 100% of the sleeper terrorists err refusegees and banning them from recruiting in prisons.

We should not go the route of telling them to convert or die, they would just practice taqyya, lie to our faces and go back to building bombs. Islam is at war with us. ObamAA- is an enabler if not an active participant, and Congress has their heads up their asses.

Its time for god people to man up and kick this congress to the curb. Nearly every stinking one of them. 435 in the Louse err house, and 33 in the Senate. If in doubt, throw them OUT.

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