Sunday, December 6, 2015

If you see something say something.

The most important thing we can take away from last weeks attack in San Bardoo is the importance of individual vigilance. Don't be focused on one thing as you go about your day. Put down the smart phone and look around.
Really LOOK! Nothing happening on twitter will hurt you. Nothing on face book is going to kill you. The guy across the street might though. Look at him. But not just him, what about the woman in the bulky coat? Could she be hiding a gun? Just because she is does not make her a terrorist though. Tight now we all should be packing. I don't care if it's a .22, have something handy and ready.
Clock boy and many of the other recent events involving islamofascists were meant to throw us off our game, to get people to be less likely to call and report suspicious activity. Incidents like that also tended to make the Police a little slower to react, and a little less thorough in their investigations.
This attack has shifted the game momentarily. expect to see a multitude of false flaggers. The islamists are not going to go quietly about their lives. They will be out to provoke reports on things that will turn out to be harmless BS in an effort to get us to hit the snooze like we have been doing since 9-11-01.
Learn some important numbers. Lets not overwhelm the 911 system with calls. Instead, get the admin number for the local departments. When you call in, don't be afraid to give your name. They take it a lot more seriously when people give them call back information so they can follow up if they find nothing.
We would like to imagine the police are there to protect us, they are not. Their job is to pick up the pieces and report to the court. We are not living in Minority Report, there is no precrimes unit.
Remember, only you can prevent forest fires terror attacks, and if the police limit you to six calls a day, you might be a redneck.

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