Monday, December 21, 2015

The murderer identified

The crazed woman who plowed through crowds of happy tourists in Sin City has been identified as Lakeisha Holloway, 24 formerly of Portland Oregon.
She had been in Las Vegas for about a week living in her car. reports vary, some claim she was there to market her line of clothing, others say she was enroute to Texas to meet the father of her child.
No ties to islamofascism yet although thee are reports swirling on the web that she shouted Aloh Snackbar as she plowed through the crowds.
She does have at least one link on farcebook to the BLM crowd though. As of now the Police are being tight lipped about her motives. Some are claiming she was frustrated about not being able to find a place to sleep, and that she had been run out of several parking lots.
Keep in mind, no where is safe. When liberals don't have ready access to fire arms, they will use what ever is available to assault, maim and kill. Is it in their DNA? I blame the liberal schools for not teaching them right from wrong, or just about any thing else.

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