Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Just a spoon full of sugar

in the 1960's hijackings to Cuba were almost standard fare. Members of America's left wanted to get to the Utopian society that Castro had heralded on the Ed Sullivan show and elsewhere. One of those dreamers, Anthony Bryant, eventually returned to the United states and proclaimed that "Communism is humanity’s vomit!" Yes, he went from being a determined communist, the left of the left, to becoming a conservative. All it took was a few years in Cuba to wake him up.
It has now been a year since ObamAA- announced normalization of relations with teh communist strong hold.  It could turn out to be a good thing if more people like Anthony make the trip and get educated. If not, there is still North Korea. Lil Kim gives a one shot quiz from what I understand.
Aint it amazing to know that only ninety miles separates the average leftard from sanity?
Lets hope they all go. Start with the ones in Congress like Nancy P. Lousy, and Babs Box-o-rocks. They can all go to their utopia and pick sugar cane with their hero.

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dwd said...

I just read that Ted Cruz's father was another of those dreamers, like Anthony Bryant, who came to his senses!
Funny how a little knowledge can change one's mind!
Thanks for the post. Enjoy your column.
Dan Dooley - Kansan!