Thursday, December 24, 2015

They got away with it

Several weeks ago I saw an article about a group of cops from San Franfreakshow who got caught making some pretty sick comments on texts from their official phones. It is now official, they will not be punished. We can write it off and say free speech, and it is just that, speech which is and should be protected. Just keep in mind, these fellows are from the liberal hell hole of Frisco, home to Nancy P. Lousy and a million perverts. You can bet your bottom dollar they are also liberals just like Barry.
Speech is one thing, actions though are another. I don't care if a cop wants to call me a redneck hillbilly. I don't care if he wants to speak ill of me because I'm a Polish Jew. If his actions differ because of that though, I have a problem. If a cop wants to walk around the Bronx wearing a sandwich board proclaiming "I hate Niggers" ala John McClean in Die Hard, more power to him. If he gets his face rearranged by one of them, well, I believe that should be protected speech as well. Graphic communication.
Its like the story of the boy who sold the mule. He siad the animal would pull a plow all day, and he never had to raise his voice.
The man who bought it hook him up, snapped the reins, but the mule just stood there. The man pulled on the reins, begged, pleaded, and finally went back to the lad from whom he bought this seemingly lazy beast and complained. The lad went over, looked at the muile. Searched around for a minute, found a 2x4 and belted the mule a good one between the ears. The lad then quitely said, "pull the plow".
The mule immediately began to pull the plow. The man was aghast. After a minute, he got angry and confronted the lad. "You misrepresented this mule he cried, I demand my money back!"
The boy replied, no sir, I did not. I only spoke once, and I never even raised my voice."
"But you hit him with a board!"
"Well, I had to get his attention some how."
To be clear, I fall into the shrinking demographic of people who believe homosexuality should not be accepted, condoned, or tolerated. If you want to do it behind closed doors, please close the blinds as well.
On issues of race, We are all humans. whether out heritage is Asian, African, European, or American, we are all descended from Noah. I do not hate or dislike any one based on the color of their skin. I do have problems with certain cultures though.  If you think you have the right to blow up a bomb in a crowd because they don't believe the rantings of a syphilitic pedophile from Mecca, I have a problem with you. If you think it is your right to not work, and to leech off those who do, I have a problem with you. If you think you have a right to go "elephant hunting" on the streets of America's cities. Well, this elephant shoots back.
And as for those Christians in the article linked above, GOD condemns it. Don't arouse his anger.

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