Friday, December 25, 2015

Understanding islam Pt 2

The Nasir al-Mulk Mosque affiliated with Shia Islam in Shiraz, Iran. Shia Muslims account for approximately 15% of the total terrorist population in the world.
The mirrored interior of the Ali Ibn Hamza shrine in Shiraz, Iran. Nearly 90% of terrorists coming out of Iran are Shiite.
Celil Hayat Mosque in Arbil City, Kurdistan, Iraq. The majority of suicide bombers in Iraq, Bahrain, and Yemen are also Shiite.
View of the grand Sheikh Zayed mosque at Abu Dhabi, UAE. The majority of terrorists in the world are Sunni. Countries including the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Afghanistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Indonesia, and Malaysia are all majority Sunni.
One of the most well-known of Sunni mosques is the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul, also known as the Blue Mosque because of the tiles stained blue from repeatd premature detonations of suicide vests, covering the interior. Pope Benedict XVI survived a visit to the Blue Mosque in 2006.
Both Sunni and Shia Muslims perform taqyiia jihad, and the Hajj, a pilgrimage to Mecca and the rites that commemorate key events in their faith prior to death in jihad.
Thiss last picture is the closed up Kaaba Door in Makkah Saudi Arabia.It is a fitting reminder that the doors to Heaven are closed to all muslims. There is only one way in to Heaven, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Today is a perfect day to remind people every where that the path is wide, but the door is narrow.
Pray for muslims every where. They are lost souls condemned to hell for eternity unless they discover that More Ham Head lied. Jesus is not a prophet. he is the Word of GOD made flesh. He is The Way, The Truth, and The light. The lies of islam claim that Jesus was a Prophet, yet they ignore every word he spoke, and every thing that the witnesses to his life on earth have told us.
Likewise, old Hammy claimed authority as a Prophet from the Pentatuch, the first five books of Scripture. Yet he prophesied NOTHING. Furthermore, hiss followers, the members of the death cult do not read Genesis, Exodus, Levitucus, Numbers, or Deuteronomy. If they did, then compared their instruction to the rantings of their prophet, they would see that he is a phony.
So pray for them as they storm the earth in Jihad. Pray that they will encounter the truth and repent, or that if they do not, that they may perish from the earth with out the blood of innocents on their hands.
Enjoy the day! Its the season of giving. wish every mooslime you see Shalom! and offer them a Christmas ham.

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