Thursday, December 3, 2015

Simply AMAZING or GOD works in mysterious ways

Just prior to the attacks in Paris, the SCoaMF went on national television and proclaimed that ISIS was contained. That same day, Paris was attacked, and civilization reeled under the weight of the blow.
Just prior to yesterday's attack in California, deer reader again stuck his foot in his mouth proclaiming that America was safe from Jihad.
Are these guys tuned in to pResident short bus's teleprompter? Are they feeding him this bullshit. or are they just waiting for him to say something stupid? OK, every thing he says is stupid, but are they listening and waiting for him to make a statement they can hurl back in his face?
A lot of republicans, the conservative ones, are looking to Trump as some kind of savior. Guess again. He is just as human as the next guy, and will have to fight a communist infested congress for every penny to defend this once great nation.
I believe the establishment GOP will stop at NOTHING to keep him out of the oval office. They are globalists, and every person we send to Washington gets attacked, caught, and turned by them into a slithering snake.
The answer there is, when in doubt, throw them OUT. Unless you are absolutely certain they are squeaky clean, they don't need a second term at undermining the Constitution.
As for Barry, if he makes another statement about us being safe, DUCK and RUN. Avoid crowds, avoid target rich environments. Their women can be just as bad as their men and children. Remember, mooslime kids blow up faster than anything.

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