Saturday, December 5, 2015


 On Thursday December 3, the Manhattan Mistake printed an anti gun screed by loco activist Chrissy Renner titled Don't ignore Christian extremists. You need a subscription to read it all. Don't waste your money. The mercury, like all liberal screeds isn't worth giving one cent of hard earned money to.
Below is my reply. I also sent it to the mercury. Will they print it?

When Christopher Renner writes an editorial you can always count on him and the Democratic Party to be guilty of what they accuse others of and complain about.

Don't lecture me about a potential republican oligarchy Mr. Renner, when organizations such as George Soros' Open Society Foundation, or The Clinton Foundation, whom I'm sure you approve of and who you no doubt will vote for, dwarfs the dollar amount of the Republican coffers at this time, with much of it coming from foreign donors, essentially buying influence. Liberals have had the majority of control over most areas of influence in America. The press, television, Hollywood, Education on all levels, politics, judges and attorneys, most forms of publishing, Libraries, the arts, music, theater, psychiatry and social media. Conservatives dominate only one source of media, talk radio, and Liberals want to shut that down. If an Oligarchy exists, it exists in the Democratic Party.

Then Mr. Renner has the nerve to compare the small number Christian extremists to the terrorist threat of ISIS. The number of mass murder and genocide that have happened worldwide at the hands of atheists over the centuries dwarfs those of Christian extremists by the hundreds of millions. Do your homework Chris, and I haven't even mentioned the genocide that happens on the abortion table every year. Over 55 million innocent babies, emphasis on innocent, have been slaughtered since Roe v Wade. Are you proud of that Chris? I know you are, you can admit it.

Mr Renner also makes the jump to atributing these Christian extremists to Conservatism. A short study of the 46 murders shows that many were comitted by White Supremists like the KKK. Any person who knows their history is fully aware that the KKK was an arm of the democratic party. So much so that One of the stalwarts of the democrats in Washington was former kleagle, Robert Byrd.

Then Chris goes on to complain about gun control, failing to realize that the top 10 cities in states with the highest crime rates and strictest gun control laws are all democratically controlled. After that he brings up the issue of poverty and income inequality but again the ten poorest major cities in the U.S. have been under Democratic Mayoral control for years some like Milwaukee since 1908, Newark since 1907 and Miami never. Now you don't have to be a PHD to connect the dots here, you just need to deal with reality. You see, knowledge without wisdom is very dangerous.

Further irony is contained in the fact that on the day prior to publication, San Bernadino Experienced an Islamic terror attack. The victims were not only victims of islam, but of the liberal policies that stripped them of their ability to defend themselves. Policies that Chris supports. And what of his numbers?

If we agree on his assertion that 46 were killed by white Christians, we must apply the same standard to the 26, now 40 killed by muslim extremists. One web page I found atributed 48 to Christian white male terrorists, and 45 to islamic terrorists. Their standard, like Mr Renners though was twisted. One glaring omission was the beltway sniper attacks perpetuated by a muslim man, John Mohammed, which killed 10 in Washingon and another 7 in earlier attacks spread across the nation.

Mr Renner traces the problem back to the Reagan era, but in fact, it goes back much further. People seeing in black and white may paint the democrats one way and republicans another. Few nationally elected republicans though are true conservatives. We see that in recent history, where the acts of George W. Bush contained as much crazy liberal spending as any democrat before him, and are only eclipsed by the out of control spending by President Obama and the variations of congress we have endured since his inaguratation. Neither party has attempted to stem the massive hemorage of money which will eventually cripple our economy.

The tide of public outrage that swept the democrats from office in 2010 and 2014 brought no change though in the actions of congress. Do the democrat oligarcy and republicans have the same goal? Antonio Gramsci laid out eight levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a communist state. We are almost there, five of them are done.

You know, it's not that we have corrupt and inept politician that amazes me; it's that nearly half the country is foolish enough to re-elect these inept leaders to positions of governance. How bad does it have to get before people come to their senses? Since Chris likes quoting famous people here's one from Einstein "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".

The poor keep electing Democrats yet continue to get poorer. Why? Because instead of an informed electorate, we have a misinformed one. Democratic states with anti business policies are losing taxpayers. Only 1/3 or Democratic states gained taxpayers while 3/5 of of Republican states gained taxpayers. I don't know Chris, maybe it's time for a little Republican oligarchy. It can't be any worse than what your party has done for the last 60 years.

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