Monday, December 21, 2015

Not terrorism? MY ASS!

An incident in Las Vegas has left one dead and many more injured after a black woman crashed her vehicle into the crowds on the side walk repeatedly. No name has been released, and details are limited. It appears they are taking the time to scrub social media ahead of releasing her name. Will she turn out to be a BLM activist, or have mooslime connections? One and the same really since the leading force behind the black lies are their former captors, arab mooslimes.
The proclamation that it is not terrorism rings shallow. They tried the same BS right after the SB massacre and other incidents that clearly were such as Ft Hood, and the recruiter murders. Any act like this is terrorism. Unless she knew the Canadian victims and had a specific grudge against each and every one of them, its terrorism.
Is it islamic terrorism? Wait and see. The scrubbing is getting better as they progress, but is no where near perfect. Barry's DOJ is getting better at it as they try desperately to portray every victim of the satanic verses as being some how responsible for their own fate.
After the recent mass assault by vehicle in Oklahoma, the name was released quite quickly. The perp in that case was white with no ties to islame, so there was no reason to background her before putting her name out there.
America is under attack. Our culture is the target. America has been a success, and a leader for a century because we have resisted socialism. The powers that pull Barry's strings want to destroy and enslave us. The satanic terrorists who believe the pedophiles lies are only a tool for them to exploit. A powerful tool, one that could seize control from them, but a tool none the less.

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