Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Rusty Chevrolet

This was our theme song for several years after I got back from Germany. We needed a second vehicle, and my brother in law found a 67 Chevy Biscayne in a grove that we got for $65. It fit this song so well that he got a copy of it for us. It was a rust bucket, but it was reliable. You could count on its 250 six cylinder to start under the worst of conditions, and with a three on the tree, it could pull a considerable load. We lived across from an Aldi's grocery store, and one night, the delivery truck got stranded. His starter was out, and he had another store to stock. I hooked it up to him, and we had him on his way. That was one tough car!
Over the years we had it, I replaced the clutch, rebuilt the front end, and not much else. I got clocked on radar on I-70 doing over a hundred. I still had pedal. The cop who got me refused to believe the car could do it, and that I would be crazy enough to take a rust bucket like that that fast. After a stern warning, he walked off muttering about needing to turn his radar in for recalibration. It helped that I knew him. I was an MP on the fort at the time and we had crossed paths several times dealing with wayward GI's.

Years later I got an 78 Chevy half ton at auction. My step daughter needed a vehicle, her old boy friend had wrecked her car, and that truck went cheap. I delivered it, and took her new boy friend for a ride. When I started singing Rusty Chevrolet, he almost jumped from the moving truck. Looking back, that would have been a good thing.

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