Monday, December 7, 2015

Remembering Pearl Harbor

OK, I don't remember It, only one of my siblings was alive at the time and she was in diapers yet.
It is time though for a rededication of our resolve.
We cannot be complacient.
We cannot be absorbed in our life style.
We must, every minute, look around and evaluate our surroundings. in 1941 the trio of enemies we had to deal with was Germany Italy and Japan. Today it is shiites, sunnis, and wahabists. You can probably toss a few of the other sicko sects on as well. I'm not sure about the distinctions, I think it goes like this, shiites boink sheep, sunnis molest goats, and the wahabists stick it to camels. They all hate Jews, Christians, normal people, women and each other. When it comes to sex, their preferred animal is at the top of the list, other animals second, prepubescent boys third, their wives last if at all.
That said, it is wrong for us to give up what those men died for at Pearl Harbor and in WW2. Our nation will remain strong only as long as we remain vigilant, and as long as we submit to GOD. Not a-lie, or what ever you want to call the moon god of the arabs.
The numbers of our veterans are diminishing rapidly The few who remain have earned our respect. Lets show it by stopping islam at the beaches. THEIR beaches.

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