Wednesday, December 2, 2015

If it wasn't terrorism it must have been....

We know very little at this point. Much of the information out there is contradictory. Some facts though do emerge.
This was a mental health facility. As such, it would have been a gun free zone target rich environment. The subjects were described as middle eastern, and initial reports claim they were equipped with body armor and carried AK-47 style assault rifles. Fully Automatic? Possible. Looney Land is not an easy place to obtain weapons of any kind. The AKs and ARs available would have been neutered, fixed magazines, limited capacity. I doubt they would have driven to Nevada to obtain guns when they could get arms from the Mexican drug cartels or Venezula.
Don't look for the guns to have come from a dealer in Modesto. This has the appearance of being sponsored terrorism and Iran is a likely culprit. They are not the only ones on the list though. All the mooslime countries right down to Saudi Arabia are suspect.
In any case, this is the start of what Europe has been getting since the start of the arab winter in 2012 when the SCoaMF overthrew Kadaffy in Libya. It will be interesting to see when and how these scum came in to the country. Refuse? err refugees? We will see. Expect there to be a lot of cover and obfuscation in the mean time.
Barry is practicing Taqyia and lying his ass off calling for more gun control when what we need are better armed citizens and more of them.
Got ammo?

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