Friday, January 28, 2011

Berkley, Nuff said

There is a story from down in Texas a long time back about a guy named OD Repew. Now, OD was your typical Texan, long on guts, and prone to bragging. One mornig, after a night on the town, OD awoke in the hospital bandaged from head to toe and unable to move.
After a bit, he saw that his buddy Pete was sitting by his bed, and in a strained voice he asked, "Pete, what happened to me?"
"Well," said Pete, Last night we was in that salloon on the fifth floor down town, and you bet a couple a green horns that you could jump out the window, fly arround the building, and climb back in that very same window with nary a scratch on ya."
"What?" gasped OD, "and you, my best friend didn't stop me?"
"Stop ya? Hell, I lost a months pay on ya!"

Seems Bezerkly has a pair of em as well. except theirs are known as Midnight Matt, and Yipsi.
Yup, Yipsi braggs that he in no way tried to help his clearly crazy fiend who was living in a tree.
Well, you know what they say, The only things ya find in trees are fruits and nuts.

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