Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Members of a prominent democrats whackaloon gang are planning to protest at the funeral of a child killed by another whackaloon.
Westboro Baptist Church will be going to Arizona to protest at the funeral of Christina Taylor Green. This is beyond wrong. I agree with Phelps that homosexuality is wrong. The Bible is clear on that. GOD has blessed this nation and continues to do so. Why is beyond me other then that we staunchly defend Israel. We embrace immorality and call it diversity. We slaughter our unborn. We mock his authority in our Universities and the halls of our legislatures, yet he has not turned his back on us.
He will one day, I have no doubt.
Phelps and his crew are whack jobs who should be arrested at the state line and sent back. He has so screwed up GODs word that people are turned off by the message. he doesn't get it! he has done more harm than good. That group needs to sit down, muster a synapse, and figure out what they should be saying.

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