Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chinese Stealth Fighter has American Tech?

Whoda thunk it? According to the media report, that tech came from the F-117 shot down in the Balkans. My bet though is they got it in exchange for all the campaign cash they funneled to Worthless Willie.
China is still years away from a fighter that can compare to the Raptor. More than a few leaders, especially on the communist side of the isle have questioned why we need such an advanced fighter when Russia is barely a shadow of its former shadow of greatness.
China practically owns us. They carry the note for a bunch of our debt. Debt that Obungler increased over the last two years, debt our grand kids will be saddled with. if congress does not get their head OUT of their asses, we will soon be bankrupt, then guess who will be looking to foreclose!
What does the USA need to do?
2. Cut all nonessential programs.
3. Quit encouraging sloth. If they are collecting a dime of federal money other than bonifide retirees who are on Social security, make em work for it. Welfare, and all the other programs need to put the lazies to work.
4. Adopt policies that encourage American businesses to remain at home. GM opening a plant in Mexico pisses me to NO END!
5. Reevaluate all Agency regulations. Congress empowered the EPA and a bunch of other yahoos to write rules. We need to rescind every last one of them. If it was not passed by congress, that means introduced as legislation, and run through committees, scrap it, and jail the burrocraps who forced it down our throats. American industry is the cleanest in the world. Closing plants here and opening replacements in China, India etc is foolish. Its nothing about the environment no mater how much the green weenies howl, its about promoting socialism and destroying America.
6. Scrap all the global warming BS. We know its garbage. defund every program that promotes it, and bar funding to the schools that employed them for five years AFTER the warmist liar is fired. Then pass legislation barring funding to any school that hires them EVER!
7. Stop handouts to corporations. Either get them producing a product the government needs, or let them whither and die. dinosaurs become extinct for a reason. Is anybody struck by the fact that those who strongly champion evolution, survival of the fittest, are the ones who most ardently opposes it actually happening?
8. Suspend voter rights for people on welfare or who receive more than 40% of their income from government excluding military.
This country can once again thrive, but in order for that to happen, the 53% need to start working just like the 47% have been.
As for our military, US tech has outpaced the competition for decades. We cannot rest on our laurels though because the tortise can indeed beat the hare. Our troops are the best the world has ever seen. Its not our gadgets that make us good, its the men and women who wear them. We need to continue to support them here at home, and when they are abroad. A fighting spirit is second nature. Thats why games like football matter.
We dare not fall behind. Most of the nations of the world are opressive. Sure we have leaders who want to act like Chavez, but for now we can boot them and control their policies. That may change. Obama has shown that he want judges with little regard for the constitution. We cannot let that happen. If we fail, the best military in the world will not save us, they will enslave us.

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I don't understand what you mean in #6. ...that employs them...Who is 'them'?