Sunday, January 30, 2011

Not for concealed carry

Years ago, Bushmaster provided a pistol for the Air Force chambered in 5.56. It was an ugly ungainly looking monster that was intended to be a survival gun for pilots if they were ever shot down. It was something I wanted to have in my collection, but never managed to get.

Meets its younger sibling. The Carbon 15 is a carbon composite frame version of the AR-15 /M-4 family of weapons produced by Bushmaster. I acquired mine in 2006 when it looked like the dems were about to resteal congress. They did, and based on their previous track record, I bet that good guns would again become scarce as chickens teeth. Bushmaster offers the Pistol in 9mm and 5.56. In my opinion, the 9mm version is a waste of time, its available in too many other packages. If I am going to this expense, I want fire power. Too bad its not offered in 450 Hornaday. Actually, an offering in 6.8 SPC or 300 swift would be great.

So, this thing is unique, what good is it? The niche that the Carbon 15 fills is one for operations in urban terrain. It is ideal for police or military teams who are doing house searches where the subject is armed and possibly armored. Since such operations do not need longer range, the Carbon 15 is a good match. It is also good when you are getting in and out of a vehicle a lot, again in an urban environment.

Essentially the Carbon 15 Pistol is a substitute for an SBR, compact, but packing a lot of fire power. If I were operating as a sniper in a combat unit such as a seal team, I would select this as my second weapon. It weighs less then four pounds, slightly over half what an M-4 does and less then half of what the proven M-16 weighs, yet packs nearly the same fire power in close combat. Its not suitable for ranges beyond 100 meters, but for that purpose, you buy a rifle, not a pistol.
When fire power, maneuverability, and a compact package are the problem, this bad boy is the solution.
Concealed? If you are a big boy, you can do it. I am.


CharlieDelta said...

Pretty sweet. That's a short barrel. I bet that is one loud MF! Let the liberal bed-wetting begin!

JeremyR said...

7 1/4 inches to be exact. Loud? As compared to what? An F-15 taking off full after burner? Close, but not quite. :->