Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lets pass a new law!

They just don't get it. Folks who are intent on breaking the law will not care one dang bit if they break two laws or even ten. Peter King is an idiot. Sadly, he is giving conservatives a black eye.
Pete, if you want to be serious about deterring crime, impeach the feral judges who forced this soft on crime mess down our throats. Bring back cruel means of execution, and use them when you know good and sure you have the right man. Set an example of one perp, and others will think twice. Make prisons harsh, really puynish them. It should never be a vacation slot.
The Constitution is clear Pete, it contains the word and right there between cruel and unusual. That means BOTH conditions must be met. You can punish law breakers in the most cruel way as long as you do so uniformly. Another thing there Petie, we aint your subjects. The constitution also specifies equal protection, so every law that applies to you assholes should apply to us and vice versa. You are not special, you are there to represent us.
One more thing, Injustice Stevens is wrong, dead wrong, the Constitution makes provision for the death penalty, and for lesser punishments such as castrating rapists, or cutting off the hand of a repeat thief. That is in amendment V. Hope you read the constitution some time, from what I have seen, most liars err lawyers never have.
So Peter, take your violation of the second amendment and stick it up your ass. The folks of your district should be ashamed of themselves for electing you. Sadly, most of em are as dumb as stumps, or California voters.

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