Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bullshit on steroids

Liars Science is still shouting the global warming BS. According to them the world is doomed! by the year 3000, the world will be uninhabitable! All because of SUVs and mans excess carbon emissions.
I suppose next they will be saying that 2010 was the third warmest year on record. I guess their records would only go back to 2008.
I am sick of these morons. Some how our congress needs to get them the message. Hold a hearing and demand they repay all the funds they received with interest, then put the school on a banned list. No graduate from those institutions would be eligible for a federal job except in the military and if there, limited to a top rank of PFC, or Lance Corporal, and then only if they are in a combat MOS and perform heroicly. The institutions of higher crime saw an oportunity and milked the heck out of tax payers. They got grant upon grant and fed us crap. Its all lies, we know they are liars, they know they are liars. Hell, GOD mocks them!

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Anonymous said...

"I guess their records only go back to 2008"...beautiful!!! Funny. I love it!