Thursday, January 27, 2011

George Soros Holocaust survivor

Well, a lot of Nazis survived it, and a turncoat like Sorry Soros is no different than any other member of the nazi party.
What galls me is that Jews are jumping on Beck for pointing out that Soros is a piece of shit. Am I the only person with Jewish blood who condemns Soros?
We tried Demjanjunk and deported his ass, lets do the same with Georgie. At least we Know Soros committed war crimes, he admitted it!

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Hoss said...

Yeah, but Soros paid his penance by funding leftist bullshit...wait, you mean the left still condemns the Jews every chance they get (I can only think that a large percentage of the Jewish community is self-loathing since they always vote for the anti-Israel crowd. And believe me, as a Catholic I'm not throwing stones - I can't figure them out either with their penchant for pimping pro-abortion candidates).