Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Whats wrong with America

Seems the democrats are all flocking to Arizona for the funerals. They see this as a chance to wave their bully banners and promote their lost causes. Republicans are also heading to Arizona. They are going there to mourn, and as much as possible, shield the families from needless aggravation from the banner waving idiots.
Some one called this a Wellstone moment. The grandstanding at his funeral back fired, I hope this does as well. I hope American voters are as turned off now by such antics as they were then.
Had Wellstone died fighting a battle, it might have been different, but political campaigns are far different from military ones. Had Wellstone been killed by some one with an agenda, that too would be cause for a rally around the grave, but only if the rally was against that agenda.
We do not yet know all the details about Loughner, and why. Maybe we never will. He has been obsessed with her for four or more years, that is clear. Maybe the democrats should rally to put people in need of mental health care back in institutions, the same ones they rallied to kick them out of in the 1960's.
In any case, I believe there is little that could have been done to prevent this. Loughner had an obsession. He was out to get her, and if not Saturday, then another day. The hunted have that disadvantage, the hunter can always chose another time and place. The hunt does not end until one of them is stopped. In this case, Giffords will recover, and Loughner will get the needle.
Unless of course, some liberal jerk water liar err lawyer convinces a judge or jury he is misunderstood, or that it was some how his parents fault, and gets him a reduced sentence. In which case, the hunt will resume.
Pray for Giffords that she recovers in full. Pray for the other victims and their families that GOD give them strength through this horrible ordeal. Pray for Loughner, that he receives a swift painless death and an eternity of torment starting prior to July of 2011.


CharlieDelta said...

They need to get rid of the needle and use the chair. I don't want him to have a quick, painless death, but a long and painful one.

THEN let the eternity of torment begin...

JeremyR said...

Honestly CD, If it were my choice, I would make executions as disgusting as possible. I would offer them one chance at the needle, plead guilty, waive appeals, and get juiced with in 48 hours of the conviction. Other than that, I would make executions public and graphic. Hanging by ifting rather then the long drop method. Break the condemneds hands just before the execution, place the rope arround their neck and lift them to tip toes, then remove the bindings from tgheir hands and legs and let them flail about as they are raied to a nice height for good viewing.

Anonymous said...

Damn Jeremy! That would make the government and population in general, as ugly-souled as the murderer...
But I am afraid that that killer will get an easy sentence because of the mental incapacity, or mentally deranged argument.. I wish that there was some way to forcefully prevent that.