Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some animals are not fit pets.

A child in Grain Valley Missouri was severely injured by a pet ferret. I like animals. don't get me wrong, but people need to think about their kids when they have an animal, any animal. I have a cat who is unfit to be with children. If Ihad a small child, she would go, no question. People keep absurd choices when it comes to their pets. I know one guy who had snakes. He had to rescue his daughter from a python. Luckily she was not seriously hurt. Many animals are not domesticated, only subdued. That is the case with ferrets, snakes, and a few other bad choices.
My cat? She is an out door kitty, but she will come running at hte opening of the door. She hates to be held for more than a moment, and will bite and scratch if I persist in holding her. She is not wild by any means, just ornery. Most animals that are caged would not return of their own will if they escaped. Many of them can over power a cild, and now a four month old baby has lost several fingers because of a pet.

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