Saturday, January 22, 2011

I have some suggestions

A US pharmaceutical company has announced that they will no longer make a key drug used in the execution of Americas worst scum. Hospira is closing US production facilities and moving to Italy where executions are regarded as horrible.
So sodium thiopental will no longer be available. I have several suggestions. 1. Since it is not the drug that kills, and is only used to make the execution painless, its not needed. let em suffer for a few minutes. In most cases it will in no way come close to the suffering their victims endured, and they will still not suffer anything like a cancer patient, or an accident victim suffers.
Better yet, save tax payers a bunch of bucks and just hang the scum. I am not a fan of the long droop method for execution either. Instead, place the noose around their neck while they are seated at ground level. next, raise them to a point where their toes only are on the ground. Step three, break their fingers. Step four, release their hands so they can wave and flail. Step five, hoist them aloft so the gathered crowd can witness their last minutes on earth. Step six, leave them hanging there as a long lasting memorial to crimes that do not pay.
My other choices would be the tried and true firing squad. Hey! Its a lethal injection! Lead is a known toxin, so its use should not be a problem. The last is an injection of ricin.
Happy dreams to all the condemned. I hope the states select a method that is worthy of the crime. It might deter a few of em.
Speaking of which, There have been many claims that execution does not deter crime, mostly, I believe based on interviews with convicts. Has any one ever done a man on the street poll to see if people who have not committed murder were ever inclined, and why they did not go through with it?

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